Waverley Night Netball Association Inc., Fri Aug 7, 2020 7:31PM

Netball Victoria Affiliate Pledge

As a proud Netball Association, Waverley Night Netball Association are very grateful that Netball Victoria has demonstrated sound decision making - both now and in the past - for the overall benefit and longevity of our sport.


As a sport, we have always done a lot with a little. And this is evident now more than ever. In an environment where some multi-national corporations have faltered, a small, not-for-profit state sporting organisation, is still chugging along. It’s not quite business as normal – working environments, staff hours and the way netball is delivered have all had to change – but it is business as usual.


Netball Victoria exists to improve people’s lives, and we are thankful that they will withstand the pandemic and be there to support organisations like ours and our Clubs now and into the future.


Our Association is also in a sound position.Things will be difficult, but with the support we receive from both Netball Victoria and our community, we know we will be okay. In all areas of our lives we have been forced to adapt over recent months, and netball has been no exception to this. But at the end of the day we #PlayForTheLove. And the small sacrifices we have had to make will soon seem a distant memory when we are back on the court and thriving once again.


A strong Netball Victoria is important to us, not just for our Association, but for the overall longevity of the sport we love. At this time, we are strongly encouraging our members to pledge their 2020 Netball Victoria Membership.


Your Netball Victoria Membership is an investment in the future of our sport.

Having a Netball Victoria Membership is saying, yes, I support my Association, my Club, my Coaches and my Umpires. It’s saying I love my netball, and I want to see it thrive on the other side.


Waverley Night Netball Association plans to return to play, once restrictions ease and allow for it to happen. 



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